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We realize the intricacies of Pet Care: Pet preferences, unique requirements, and the ever changing nuances of everyday life. Fizgig understands what Pet parents are looking for in a Pet Sitting service and the needs and preferences of Pet Sitter to deliver a platform that bring value to everyone. We bring you a diverse and sophisticated Pet Care ecosystem made by pet parents, for pet parents. We are well-aware of the struggles you face when you want to ensure the best care possible for your furry friends while you’re away. Fizgig is here to help accomplish that without the slightest inconvenience to you, your Pet, and the Pet Sitter.


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Fizgig gives you a range of options to meet your needs.

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Be it a fluffy bunny, a giant hound or a hairy tarantula, you name it! Fizgig introduces a first-of-its-kind, all-inclusive pet sitting app that matches your pet with the right pet
sitter. So even if you've got an out-of-the-ordinary pet to take care of, Fizgig has your back!


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Safety Is Our Top Priority

At Fizgig, safety and security are our top-most priorities. We run thorough background checks on each carer’s file and only reliable pet sitter are selected in the on-boarding process. Plus, each pet sitter and walker has to pass a safety quiz before they can officially start on Fizgig. This way we ensure the utmost safety standards for you and your pet.


Specifically, For You

Fizgig is the most customizable online pet care service out there, period! With us, you have the freedom to set numerous requirements, ranging from pet species to the duration and type of care and much more. We’re not just an app, but a family that’s here to help. We’re always delighted to provide you and your pet with the best experience possible!



We understand that your personal information is valuable. Everything from your home address, ID and money is kept confidential and the sole focus can be on getting the best care for pets. To ensure safe and secure payments, we utilize Stripe as our payment service. The payment security measures also ensure pet sitters are paid for their time and care fairly.


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Tanner DeJean

Chief Executive Officer

Charlotte Blevins

Chief Operating Officer

Shemanna McLawrence

Chief Financial Officer

Jimena Ulloa

Chief Marketing Officer

Stephanie Cobelo

Chief Communications Officer

Megan Dale

SVP, Customer Experience

Jason Benjamin

Chief Technology Officer

Aygun Aliyeva

Chief Product Officer

La'Quita Davis

Chief People Officer

Riezl Monteposo

EVP, Operations

Chander Shekhar

SVP, Brand Management

Melisa Gonsalves

Chief Compliance Officer

Marshall Ekwuruke

SVP, Strategic Partnerships

your feedback Is important to us!

Our world revolves around your satisfaction. We would love to know about your experience with Fizgig and any suggestions you may have to help us cater to your needs better.

    Frequently Asked Questions cat-foot-img

    • Pet Boarding
      Pet overnight stays at the Pet Sitter’s house
    • House Sitting
      The Pet Sitter supervises your pet at the owner’s place of residence
    • Pet Day Care
      Your Pet is dropped-off at the sitter’s residence in the morning and picked up in the evening
    • Pet-walking
      Pet Sitters walk the owner’s pet around the neighborhood for 30 – 60 minutes
    • Drop-In Visits
      Pet Sitters visit the owner’s residence to feed and play with a pet

    1. Open the Fizgig App
    2. Click Login
    3. Select Gmail, Apple ID, or Signup
    4. Click “Continue” on the popup screen
    5. You should now see the home screen

    1. Click on Profile
    2. Please start by selecting an Image from your phone library
    3. Enter your Full Name
    4. Enter your DOB
    5. Enter your Address
    6. Enter your contact number
    7. Enter additional information you (optional)
    8. Then click save

    1. Click on Profile
    2. Select My Pets
    3. Select animal type
    4. If not available, manually enter the animal type in the “other type” text box
    5. Click next
    6. Enter Pet’s Name, Gender, Breed, Age, and image
    7. Click next
    8. Under Pet Details – Use a slider to indicate if your pet is relaxed or active, Quiet or Talkative. Nervous or Friendly
    9. Enter a brief description of your pet if applicable
    10. Under Vet Information, enter Vet’s Name and telephone number
    11. Click add